Season Change


The season is change already. It means start making things that are relative to Fall. There is a lot out there but most involve pumpkin. Which I am ok with. Plus I just start see leaves change color too. I love the fall weather, it nice enough to sit outside and enjoy the cool air. Plus the bonus is that you can open windows and doors and air out your house.

Kids going back to school also. I know I don’t have young kids for that but I live in a neighborhood that still has kids that do. So in the morning the bus comes by my house and my dogs bark at the kids standing at the corner waiting for the bus.

I have been baking a lot so it nice to open the doors and let out the fresh baked smell, plus people are having fires also. Just fall is my favorite season.

Please anyone out there that likes fall and have what they like to do, let me know. I open up to making a lot of things.

Check me out on Instagram and Twitter I will post things I have made.

Have a great fall day

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