Here a good life style one for all. I have started making a routine each day so I can start doing other things that I want to do and I just have not found the time.

I love to bake, write, read and hang out with my dogs. I just never found the time in each day so I can play, or walk my dogs so I needed to make sometime for them. they are important to me! So I made a list of when I had time to put them in my daily activity. Next I wanted to start exercise and so I figure out how to add my dogs in there and spend time with them too.

The other things I just need to take some time and do things I love “Life is short” to not enjoy each moment in life. So I find the time to just sit down and write each day about one thing or person, place, a memory. It has help me get it done and I am on my way.

The last is couple of things, I need to figure out how to do and still get other things done in my house and life. Some work, but need breaks and that when I read or just take some deep breaths; you would not understand how that just help. Plus Music when your working is a lot easier to get things done faster.

So if anyone needs help change something in a routine please let me help and I will do my best to find out where you can take time for yourself. Everyone needs that.

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