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Myself, a little about me

Aug 21


Here a good life style one for all. I have started making a routine each day so I can start doing other things that I want to do and I

Jul 04

Busy life

Over the last month life has sure been busy. I had to deal with a lot of different things. Plus now it Craft show time which I have been busy

Jun 14


I am writing this on the way I feel.  Over the past few weeks I know that I have not wrote anything and it because of loneliness. It happens more

May 16

Life and Death

Well this last week has been crazy, we had someone in our family pass away. It bring up important things as that we should talk about with our kids. It

May 05

Every day

There always a questions I ask my self each day when I get up. What do I want to do today? The answer is not always the same. I have

Apr 23

Spring Clean

I not sure if anyone has started this, but I know I have, it amazing what you find when you are going thru things. I know that I have wanted

Apr 18


This past week I have start to make little goals and plan out my days. It has really help me stay on task all day. Plus it helps my dogs

Apr 12


Well I wanted to make a post about me. I been busy this last few weeks with different things. My daughter and I have started to take the business and

Mar 28

Spring is in the air

As you go about your day, you look outside and see the snow melting and hope that the nice weather is coming. It will get here soon that is for

Feb 09


This month is supposed to be full of Love with Valentine’s Day in it. But I don’t think that yuo need to have one day to show the person you