Baking and writing


Well I have been baking a lot these days, plus start writing. It has been fun writing about things that I do in my life. I know that I have the support I need to write. The Baking I have been doing is a lot. Dog treats for our up coming show and I also baked for a funeral gathering which went over nice. I have been trying to make new things too. The weather it been to hot to be out there, so me and the dogs stay in and watch movies when I am not baking.

It been different to watch the Hallmark channel which has Christmas movies in July. There has been a lot going on and I am trying to get back everything that I was doing. I think that I was in a slum and I needed to take a few steps back look at my life and what is important. So I hope my fan of this blog come back because you are going to stay reading about many different things each week. I am getting things in order and finding out what works.

I want to help others and let other know what is helping me get thru the tough times.

Talk later

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