I am writing this on the way I feel.  Over the past few weeks I know that I have not wrote anything and it because of loneliness. It happens more often the people think. I know that I get this way and I shut down and shut others out. It hard some days. I due get thru it with a few friends help and the ones I can count on my dogs.  It good to have a support system in place so that when you get this way you know where you can go to. I never get to the place where taking my life is ever an option. I know I have more to do in life and it not my turn.

I just wanted to let people out that know why I have not wrote, being honest with others help more then most people think. When you know that you have issues and you can let others know too that is the first step. I know that I don’t always let people in and help, but I am trying. Plus I think of my mom and wonder what she say to me at times about what going on. She always try and help or even just listen which we all need that.

so please is you get this way remember there is help out there for us and make sure you have support system they do help. I know that over the last year I have done things differently because I know that I have a lot of things I want to do and try. I am not willing to give up that just yet.

Just cause we are all different we all still need to think about others and see what we can do to help. Just think we all have problems but we don’t always show them.

Just think of what Ellen would say Be kind to one another.

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