Life and Death


Well this last week has been crazy, we had someone in our family pass away. It bring up important things as that we should talk about with our kids. It hard subject to talk about but we all need to. Make sure your kids know where all the important papers are and what you want if something happens to you. You never want them to have to make those decisions for you. They will be grieving and that all they should have to deal with.

I know that I am starting all the things I need to do, because I know after see what we had to go thru, I never want my kids to go thru that. I want to do what my mom did and she had everything pick out and paid for. I not sure if I an do that but I am going to do what I can.

Plus I want to make sure I know what my kids are going to get. I love them and i want to even write something to each of them. I know that i have some things i want to say to them but not until i am gone. That way it if me and they know how I felt about them.

So mlm please make sure you have the hard talk with your family and they know what your wishes are.

Be kind to all

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