Month: August 2018

Aug 30

Minnesota State Fair

The great minnesota get together, it is 12 days of fun and exciting things to do. You can spend all day there and still not do eveything. There is so

Aug 26

Cub vs Walmart

I shop at both of these stores, I going to tell you why. Cub I enjoy the freshness of the produce and the select I have. I also enjoy a

Aug 22

Pet Smart/ Petco

Every trip I make to Pet Smart it always fun, the staff there are so nice and helpful. If you look like you are looking for something it always employee

Aug 17

Fostering and Family

I just have to say that since we gave back our foster dog it been busy getting ready for a luncheon birthday party. Which is coming up. I am exciting

Aug 12


Well this weekend weight hard on my heart because we had a foster puppy named Garfunkel and we had to give him back because it was not working out with

Aug 09


Just wanted to talk about something that I see a lot of and wonder why. Every time some don’t like what happen in there life, they post it and wait

Aug 06

Events and Treats

This week starts off with getting ready for 2 craft shows this weekend. The first one is in Bloomington at the VFW, please come out and see us, and get

Aug 04


Today was a great day, our foster dog Peeta went to his forever home. We are so happy for him. He is going to be spoiled and loved so much.

Aug 02

After Vacation

This week has been a lot since I got back from vacation, it a lot when you have to go back to work, school and life. It not easy because

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